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  • Every day of our seven day "Learn Spanish in Ecuador Travelling Class" was filled with new experiences that were beyond my expectations. My Spanish has improved 10-fold.
    Grant Los – Canada Canada
  • The teachers are very good and extremely patient. It has been an incredible 2 weeksadventure and I highly recommend this school for anyone seeking to learn/improve Spanish.
    Jimmy Fields – United States Canada
  • I just wanted to tell you again that I enjoyed my stay in the Amazon so much! I didn’t expect to be able to travel and to see so many different places in such a short time.
    Anna Vomberg – Germany Germany
  • My experience with Traveling Classes was wonderful, a week full of adventure! It was fun to have classes on the deck of our cabin in Misahualli. I will never forget my experience!
    Lauren Stewart – USA USA
  • My trip to the Amazon jungle with a teacher from the Spanish school was fantastic. During the breaks between excursions I had Spanish lessons. I've really enjoyed it!
    Sabrina Dahlmann – Germany Germany
  • During the Spanish course in Quito I learned so much about cultural differences and life in Ecuador. It was such a great experience ... ¡Gracias!
    Egle Vilkinyte – Lithuania Germany
  • I had a great time at the school and learnt more than I expected. I will recommend the language school to all people that ask me about opportunities to learn Spanish in South America.
    Mattias Keller – Switzerland Switzerland
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Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands at the Ailola Galapagos Spanish School

In the almost 200 years since Charles Darwin arrived to San Cristóbal Island on the Galapagos Islands, little has changed in this part of the world. There are few more humans living here, perhaps – especially on friendly Santa Cruz Island – and not as many animals, unfortunately. But we’re working on it, with conservation efforts like no other!

What else? Well, we can’t forget to mention our Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands, the most experienced and best of its type. We offer premium courses with proven excellence, with University-educated teachers who travel with you to a number of locations across the archipelago. And finally, let’s not forget our Traveling Classroom program and the unique volunteering opportunities that we can organize for across the Galapagos Islands!

You really can’t go wrong with Spanish on the Galapagos Islands. It’s a one-of-a-kind destination for a one-of-a-kind language, a gateway to nature and adventure, to swimming, snorkelling, surfing, diving, conservation and relaxation. Jump into the Galapagos Islands with us today!

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