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Spanish School on Galapagos Islands

How do you become the best Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands? Ailola Galapagos has been here for over 15 years, offering students a voluptuous variety of classroom destinations and learning options, including our unique Traveling Classroom and volunteer programs. Learn more about our Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands today!

Spanish Classes on Galapagos Islands

Classrooms right across the Galapagos Islands!

With 20 beautiful and diverse islands, the Galapagos Islands archipelago is best enjoyed with a touch of variety! That's why Ailola Galapagos offers its students the choice of one of two islands locations &nadsh; Santa Cruz Island and San Cristóbal Island – and the opportunity to take individual classes just about anywhere. We also operate a Traveling Classroom program, which combines travel and language learning for a Galapagos Islands adventure like no other.

Benefits of our Galapagos Islands Spanish school

  • Quality guaranteed. We've had a long time to perfect our teaching methods – 15 years in fact! That's why we guarantee quality like no other Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands. We're also the only officially recognized language school here!
  • Small class sizes. Our classes are capped at 6 students, and for some types of courses even less! This allows us to focus on your individual needs while drawing the best from the team-learning environment.
  • Speak Spanish from day #1. With proven teaching methods that focus on communication we're committed to have you speak Spanish from day #1. Of course, we'll teach you vocabulary – but only vocabulary that favors communication.
  • Amazing afterschool activities. We're in the know! At Ailola Galapagos we can set you with a range of amazing afterschool activities, many of which are already included in your course fees!
  • Flexibility. With two amazing Galapagos Islands Spanish school locations and the option to study in a range of island locations, the staff at Ailola Galapagos follow your lead! And we can also do the recommending!
  • Our unique programs. Ailola Galapagos sets itself apart in many ways, not least of all with its unique volunteering program and Traveling Classroom model. It's part of our commitment to finding new and innovative ways to immerse students into the Spanish-speaking world.

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Spanish Classes on Galapagos Islands

Top-notch university-educated teachers

Immersion and conversation are the keys to fluency! And after 15 years on the Galapagos Islands, our team of teachers knows exactly what's needed to get you there! Our staff members are university-educated (some even have 2 degrees or more) and all are native Spanish speakers. Best of all, the entire team is Ecuadorian, which means we can offer you cultural insights like no other! Above all, they're committed to seeing you exceed with our communication-orientated courses, which lean on internationally recognized language levels, teaching methods and assessment practices.

Our Milestones

  • 1988 – Ailola Galapagos kicks off with its Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands, offering courses in the town of Puerto Ayora
  • 2004 – Our Spanish school in Ecuador becomes recognized by the national government as an Educative Foundation, an important recognition that allows it to expand farther across Ecuador
  • 2008 – The school is recognized by the AECEE - the Association of Spanish Schools in Ecuador
  • 2011 – Ailola Galapagos' Traveling Classroom launches on the Galapagos Islands, with the "Secret of Evolution" itinerary

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