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Our Team

It really isn't hard to lure the best of the best to teach Spanish on the beautiful Galapagos Islands! Which is why you shouldn't be surprised to hear that our entire Galapagos Islands teaching team has been with us from the very beginning. Learn more about our top-notch team below!

School Director

Eugenio Cordova

Eugenio Córdova

Eugenio knows what it means to achieve results in Spanish. In fact, the final grade he achieved in his Spanish Language degree was 9.98/10 – his University's best score in over 20 years! Where to from here, you ask? In 1998, Eugenio founded our Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands, having been in operation in Quito already for 10 years since 1988. Personable, friendly and dedicated to his students and staff, you'll find him on the Galapagos Islands or zigzagging all over Ecuador, travelling with his students and managing the school's language programs.


Spanish Teachers

Our tiny team of Galapagos Islands teachers is nothing short of dedicated, with each having been with us since the very beginning! Our teachers form part of Ailola Galapagos' commitment to quality. They're all University-educated native speakers, all Ecuadorians, and most have more than just one university degree.

Teacher Tania Urresta

Tania Urresta

Tania is one of our longest serving teachers, having been with us since 1994. She has a knack for quietly spotting weak points in students Spanish and finding fun, innovative and successful ways of working on them. Tania often travels with students on our Traveling Classroom program.

Teacher Tito Hernan Muñonz

Tito Hernan Muñonz

Tito’s 20th anniversary with us is almost around the corner, as one of our longest serving members of staff. Tito holds degrees in Education and Journalism, and is one of our Traveling Classroom teachers. Well-read, he enjoys Latin American art and history.

Teacher Vanessa Chala

Vanessa Chala

Vanessa has been with Ailola Quito since 1998. She holds a Social Science degree, while her hobbies include cooking, football, dancing and reading. In all of this, what Vanessa most enjoys is traveling; in fact, she’s connoisseur of the Galapagos Islands! Vanessa is a hard working, kind and well-humored member of our staff.


Office Staff

Teacher Paola

Paola Córdova – Student Advisor & Administration

Paola is Ailola Quito’s triple threat – she has two university degrees, one in Education, another in Tourism, and she’s currently studying IT! She runs our Traveling Classroom program, plus location courses in the Amazon, Andes, Galapagos Islands, Quito and Otavalo. Paola is friendly, talkative and enjoys learning (in case you hadn’t guessed).