Galapagos Islands Spanish and Diving - © Ilan Ben Tov

Spanish & Open Water Diving

Open Water Diving Galapagos Islands - © Scuba Iguana

World-class, accessible, fun,

the PADI open-water diving course on the Galapagos Islands is an add-on activity like no other! Best of all, no matter what your level, our service partner has something for everyone, from doggy-paddlers to mermaids, including the internationally recognized PADI open-water diving certificate. Ready to dive in?

What's included?

  • Open-water diving classes on the Galapagos Islands, in one of the two most popular courses on the islands (the other is PADI scuba diving)
  • Theory class and dry-land preparation modules for all levels of diver
  • 4 hours of confined water sessions (in the pool)
  • Equipment training
  • 8 hours diving in open water over 2 days
  • Internationally recognized open-water diving certificate
  • Experienced diving professors
  • Incredible Galapagos Islands ocean views