Spanish Teaching Methods on the Galapagos Islands - © Jmmf

Our Spanish Teaching Methods

A language school in our part of the world needs to be at the forefront of evolution! That’s why our teaching methods on the Galapagos Islands are modern, hands-on, fluency-driven, and fun. At Ailola Galapagos we use proven methods in conversation and immersion to have you speaking Spanish from day #1. Read on to learn more!

Speak Spanish from day #1

Worried you’ll only be able to manage turtle talk on the Galapagos Islands? At Ailola Galapagos we want you to speak Spanish from day #1 so you get the most out of your stay here. How? We offer a placement test to have you in the right learning level; experienced and quality teachers who are University-educated native speakers; and teaching methods that are conversation-orientated and relevant to the world around you. Of course, we’ll also teach you grammar, but only that which favors communication and fluency. Come find out for yourself!

Native Spanish-speaking teachers

The headline speaks for itself! But that’s not all – our Galapagos Islands teachers are always Ecuadorian and have an innate knowledge of the Galapagos Islands, its culture and its place in the megadiverse rainbow nation that is Ecuador. They are all University-educated and are extremely friendly. Learn more about our teaching staff here!

Complete immersion into the Ecuadorian culture

There’s no better way to pick up new words, fix old mistakes, or just have fun with the Spanish language than by immersing yourself in a native setting. At Ailola Galapagos we’re committed to ensuring immersion is part of your experience with us. We offer:

  • Small, personalized classes with a guaranteed maximum class size of 6 students
  • A targeted placement test that guarantees you’ll only study with students in your language level
  • A unique volunteering program with projects all over the Galapagos
  • Free weekend activities and add-ons for you to interact with locals in Spanish
  • Weekly level testing, reviewed by our school director

More questions about our Spanish language teaching methodology on the Galapagos Islands? Get in touch today!