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Guesthouses on Galapagos Islands

Are you a bird watcher? A turtle lover? How about a people person? If so, you’ve found the page for you! A guesthouse on the Galapagos Islands is your chance to meet visitors from all over the world and relax in some at the finest accommodation options around. Read on!

Guesthouse on San Cristóbal

On San Cristóbal Island, our preferred guesthouse accommodation is run by a lovely Ecuadorian lady who’s lived on the island for over 40 years, offering visitors personalized attention and care like nobody else.

What’s included:

  • Central location in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, just 5 minutes from the airport and in walking distance of restaurants, cafes, ATMs, tour operators and Playa Man (beach)
  • Comfortable air-conditioned private bedrooms (single, double or queen) with hot-water bathrooms
  • Friendly, local atmosphere
  • Access to lush gardens and pristine nearby nature spots
  • WiFi access (Internet)
  • Towels and sheets
  • Checked and approved by an Ailola Galapagos staff member

Guesthouse on Santa Cruz Island

If you want to stay at a guesthouse or hostel on Santa Cruz Island, or have something else in mind for San Cristóbal, get in touch with us today! We’ll send you down the right path with recommendations and contacts for alternative guesthouse or hostel accommodation on the Galapagos Islands.