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Learn Spanish on Galapagos Islands

Why with us?

Let's get down to business. If you're looking for the best Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands, look no further! And if you need convincing, let us give it a try with our straight-to-the point list of 10 reasons why us!

10 Reasons to study with us

1. We’re the only language school officially permitted to teach on the Galapagos Islands

Given our history in Ecuador, our dedication to sharing the best our country has to offer, and our commitment to top-quality premium Spanish courses, we think we've earned our title. We're also recognized by the government as an Educative Foundation, as well as by the AECEE, the Association of Spanish Schools in Ecuador.

Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands

2. Language courses across the Galapagos Islands

With our recognition as the only official Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands, we have access to island locations that other schools don't. So, while we have established programs on Santa Cruz Island and San Cristóbal Island, we can essentially take your classes wherever you want them to be held. Read on!

3. You choose where you learn

When it comes to lounging on the beach with your textbooks and dictionary, we're right there with you! If at any time you don't feel like learning in our fully equipped study areas, we can visit the beach, venture out on walking classes, or perhaps even practice with locals at restaurants or shops. If this sounds enticing, you should check out our Galapagos Islands Traveling Classroom itinerary!

Spanish School in Santa Cruz Galapagos

4. 15 years experience on the Galapagos Islands

As old as the hills, they say. Or is it as old as the tortoises? With 15 years experience teaching Spanish on the Galapagos Islands, we don't just know what we're talking about when it comes to Spanish language instruction, we've also got a fairly good grip on island life itself. And with the help of our teachers, you too are bound to discover the best the islands have to offer!

5. Second-to-none Spanish-speaking company

The best Galapagos Islands Spanish school needs to commit to at least one important promise: that you'll actually speak Spanish! At Ailola Galapagos, we've got that side of your Galapagos Islands journey covered, with a range of excursions, outdoor classes and social activities to have you putting Spanish into practice from day #1.

Volunteering on Galapagos Islands

6. Unparalleled volunteering opportunities

On the Galapagos Islands you're bound to meet more than a few environmentalists, PhD students, anthropologists, geologists, marine biologist, turtlologists. Turtlologists? Well, you get the picture. At Ailola Galapagos we don't want you to miss out on the action. That's why our unique volunteering program is available to those students wanting to help out in one of the world's coolest places to volunteer.

7. Leave everything in our hands

There are too many picturesque beaches on the Galapagos Islands for us to have you worrying about organizing your own trip. Which is why we guarantee our teacher will organize everything for you! Indeed, there's no need to panic about getting the right boat or finding your way to your accommodation, for example. Sit back and relax, and leave it in our hands!

8. Our teaching team of University-educated native Spanish-speakers

How's that for a mouthful? Worth mentioning though, as our Spanish school is the only one in Ecuador to guarantee that 100% of our teachers are University-educated. To top it off, most of our teachers have at least 2 degrees and have been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over 25 years. They're also all from Ecuador, which means you'll not just learn the language, but discover more about local culture too.

9. EU-harmonized language levels

To become the best Spanish school in Ecuador we want our students to be part of the bigger picture. That's why our assessment methods are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFR. So, whether you're an A1 or a C2, rest assured we'll be assessing you like the millions of other students worldwide who choose to learn Spanish!

Spanish Certificate

10. The Ailola Lingua Certificate

The Ailola Lingua Certificate is our way of recognizing the achievements and dedication of students who come from far and wide to learn Spanish at the best school in Ecuador. By completing at least 80% of your lessons, reaching your course's full duration, and achieving the milestones of the language level you're aiming for, Ailola Galapagos will reward you with our prestigious Ailola Lingua Certificate.

The team at Ailola Galapagos is ready to answer your questions and – more excitingly – to welcome you to our Spanish school on the Galapagos Islands. Reach out today to learn more!