Spanish for University groups on the Galapagos Islands - © Jmmf

Spanish for University Groups

With our incredible classroom locations and first-hand knowledge of island life, it’s more than just a little easy for us to teach Spanish to university groups – it’s also a pleasure! That’s why you can leave things in our hands, with a customized University group Spanish course on the Galapagos Islands. To top it off, we include all the extras you need!

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We want you!

Getting University students excited about the Spanish language is hard when textbooks and multimedia start to wear thin! The solution? Take them abroad to a place where they’ll want and need to communicate in Spanish, where language learning is easily mixed with adventure activities, immersion and fun. Our idea is that members of your Spanish university group already know each other reasonably well. This way, our University-educated native Spanish teacher can work on the dynamics of your team to create whole new experiences with the Spanish language. Read below to find out what’s included!

Example Program

A Spanish course for university students on the Galapagos Islands is never going to be the same for every group! Nonetheless, to get you thinking about what might be on the books for you and your students, check out our 2-week example program! It includes:

  • 40 hours of intensive Spanish courses over 2 weeks
  • Free airport transfer to and from your Quito accommodation to your island accommodation
  • Hotel or hostel accommodation at the island of your choice
  • Weekly conversation classes
  • Weekly cultural activities and optional weekend trips to a range of amazing destinations all across the Galapagos Islands
  • A Spanish for university groups orientation program
  • The services of a group coordinator
  • 24-hour emergency line
  • Ailola Galapagos Welcome Pack including maps, and a dining and activities guide
  • Ailola Lingua Certificate upon completion for each participant

More questions about your Spanish for university groups course on the Galapagos Islands? Get in touch today!