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Spanish Courses on the Galapagos Islands

Ailola Galapagos has designed its programs to help students learn Spanish in a comfortable and fun environment, and most importantly to become proficient and confident speaking Spanish.

With the Ailola Galapagos Islands Spanish School, students have classes for 20 hours a weeks, 4 hours a day. Usually, classes are held in the mornings and the afternoons are for activities, but we are flexible depending on what you want and of course the tides for all our surfers.

With a long and sustained history of excellence the Ailola Galapagos Spanish School is a leading Spanish institution in Ecuador, providing students flexible programs and the opportunity to experience Ecuador's diversity, rich culture, and beautiful language. Combine the Galapagos Islands Spanish courses with our other schools in Quito, the Amazon Jungle, or our popular Travelling Classroom. We can arrange all types of tours to satisfy the adventurer in you.

Studying Spanish in the Galapagos Islands with the Galapagos Islands Spanish Programs is an experience unlike any other!